Cryptocurrency widget for Windows download

Crypto Widget (Crypto Monitor) tracks your favorite cryptocurrencies in a beautiful desktop widget.

Modern investing is a risky process, inextricably linked with many potential problems and mistakes in the early stages of work. Needless to say, the complexity of working with several assets, even if experienced investors are constantly nervous, keeping track of the balance of their own wallets. And there was no sensible, useful solution in the industry that will save your nerves and at the same time allow you to earn money regularly. Up to this day. After all, we present you with a unique program Crypto Monitor. This is a solution for automatically tracking the balance of several accounts at once. We will talk about the merits of the unique functionality in this article. So let’s get started.

Cryptocurrency widget for Windows download

What is Crypto Monitor for?

If you are the owner of a diversified investment portfolio, then you probably know how inconvenient it is at times to track the balance of several wallets. Let’s imagine that you have 10 accounts with different coins at your disposal. And you’re going to get busy recruiting each of them. What to do? Open 10 tabs in a browser? But then you have to constantly switch between repositories and refresh pages. Perhaps using a specialized explorer will help? But these programs also require manual data updates. Precious seconds are wasted on unnecessary actions, and money is spent. That is why we started developing a unique specialized program.

Crypto Monitor independently updates the value of the 13 largest cryptocurrencies in the industry. In addition, you can connect your own storages and observe the balance in the current time. Thus, it is enough to open the program and start investing confidently. All information is collected in the simplest design that even a beginner will have to do.

Let’s take a closer look at how to start using the program. Below we will discuss each feature of Crypto Monitor so that after reading it you can start using the service yourself. So read it carefully.

Cryptocurrency widget for Windows download

How to use the program?

The user is greeted with a pleasant interface with a main work area. In the center, you see all connected wallets, as well as the balance in a specific cryptocurrency and dollars. On the left is an elementary menu. The first option starts the program. The duration of the work is shown in the lower right corner. Not far from here, the number of connected wallets is indicated. Useful not to get confused about your own repositories.

Using the “Stop” button, you can stop the Crypto Monitor if the work is finished for today. “Add wallet” option is required to add new addresses to track. In Settings Menu you can change update interval, add program to autostart(when system starts) and choose kind of notification you want. For example in screen below u can see Desktop notification in right corner. Despite all the functions Crypto monitor has/will have, notifications is the main reason of using it, so you can always have updated info about your portfolio.

Let’s consider the process of connecting wallets in more detail.

Cryptocurrency widget for Windows download

How to add a wallet to the Crypto Monitor?

After clicking on the appropriate button, you will see an elementary form through which a new account is added. First, we select a specific coin, and then carefully enter the wallet address. After that, Crypto Monitor independently synchronizes with the storage balance and displays the current balance in the main field.

For your convenience, we have developed a wide system of service settings. To change the work at your discretion, go to the “Settings” section located in the lower left corner. This button will allow you to open a form through which you can change the frequency of balance updates. Choose how regularly you need to update the data on funds on your account and save the settings you made.

Note that when replenishing or debiting funds from the storage, the programs will display a corresponding notification in the corner of the screen. It’s also incomparably convenient.

The program is constantly updated, we regularly refine existing functions and add new tools to Crypto Monitor.

Cryptocurrency widget for Windows download

What to expect in future releases?

We talked about updating our unique program for interacting with the digital market. And, as promised, we continue to delight users with new versions of this tool. The following features have been added in the latest updates:

  • Ability to view the balance of the wallet in the browser with relate coin explorer. It is convenient if, in addition to using the program, you want to simultaneously track transactions in explorer to get more information;
  • Sorting wallets by balance size is useful for users of several currency storages. For your comfort, now the program can sort the storages by balance level;
  • Overall balance. You no longer need to count how much money is in the account. The amount is indicated in the corresponding parameter.

We also added instructions for working with the program in a separate tab. Now, to remember the purpose of a particular option, you don’t have to open this article. It is enough to press the corresponding button. We have added tooltips for table elements that make it easier to interact with the program interface. Now it will be easier for beginners to master the functionality. The instructional guides are also updated with up-to-date information. And, for your convenience, the display of additional program windows has been improved. Now – no problems, no bugs.
And that’s not all. In the future, new features and tools will be added for the full use of the program in modern market conditions.

This program was developed specifically for the users of our site. You can download it completely free of charge by clicking the button below.

At the moment, Crypto Monitor is equipped with everything that is required for productive work and profitable investment. So don’t delay installing this no-compromise solution.